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Netromni Software

The Omni Channel your clients and your business always imagined. Built with unlimited potential for third party integrations and additional features to create a convienient environment for your customers.

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Accelerate Your
Business Potential

Netromni gives you and your clients a platform to work with convienience and flexibility. It is costumized based on your business needs so you can excel.

Your clients will be able to place an order with just a few steps, choose how long they want to run your services, select an area on your newspaper to advertise, make payments on the go, set-up autorenew for payments and ads, upload files or input text and images, get text notification and alerts, and much more!

The interface of the business is one of a kind by providing you with an array of options to integrate any third-party API. Monitor your client's accounts, payments, advertisements and information from your admin page. Put a stop to the miscommunication by using our support ticket system or integrated chat platforms. Create a hassle free interaction between you and your customers today, for a promising tomorrow.

Plethora of Features

Technologies Your Clients Will Fall In Love

These are some of the features your clients get to enjoy with Netromni.


User Friendly

The platform is built in such a way that the customer does not have to be savy in technology to use it.


Allows the client to access your services anywhere in the world in their fingertips using their mobile phone.

Text Alerts

The era of notifing your clients with emails or calling is gone. Now, you can send text alerts directly to their mobile phone.

Ticket Support

Allows the client to submit a custumer support ticket so your representatives can get back to them.

Live Chat

Nothing beats live support. Get to talk to your customers one on one so you can resolve discrepancies even faster.

Easy Ordering

The ordering interface is alligned to the needs and specs of your business to make ordering convinient and hassle free.

Make Payments

Get paid by your customers on the go, place payment reminders, send invoices and set up automatic payments.

Track Records

The customer has access to their payment records and account information such as tax and business documents.


Show your customers graph or numerical representations of services used, expenditures, and more.

Customer Integrations

Netromni can integrate about anything that your customers might need so you can conduct business with them.


Netromni Admin Panel

A Platform To Satisfy All Your Needs

The administrator has the power to control all the activities of the client through the admin panel.

  • Exceptional Dashboard

  • Data Representation

  • Elastic Search

  • Payment Gateways

  • Costumer Support

  • Notification Center

  • Full Control

  • Review System

  • Third-Party Integrations

  • Email Templates

How it works

Find out how to get started with Netromni and enhance your business potential.

The Optimization

  • Select the features you need

  • Optimize the needs of your clients

  • Call us to discuss prices

  • Hassle free project management

  • Constant communication for project completion

The Integration

  • Integration of the selected features

  • Optimization of the admin panel

  • Access information to your panel and tutorial video

  • Integration of any third party API's'

  • Support and costumization options available

The Satisfaction

  • Full control of your orders in the admin panel

  • Receive payments online by third party integrations

  • Communicate with your clients live

  • Offer exceptional support tools

  • Several features to enhance order placement

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